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Contact Us: (254) 690 - 2274
Fax: (254) 690 - 2708
Routing Number: 311985429
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Serving Central Texas since 1957
Formerly Known As Killeen Teachers Federal Credit Union
Debit Cards
If you need assistance with your debit card when we are not open please contact Shazam at 800-537-5427.

To activate your debit card or to reset your PIN please call 800-717-4923.


The debit card daily cash withdrawal limit is $500 and daily purchase limit is $750. If you need your limits temporarily changed please contact us at 254-690-2274.

If you will be using our debit card while you are traveling please contact us so we can submit a travel notice. We will need to know the dates you are traveling, where you are traveling to, a good phone number to contact you, and your email address.